Bakuage Sentai Boonboomger Episode 14 #


In the final chapter of Kamen Rider Build that is set in Sento Kiryu's new world, a Deputy Officer of the United Nations Alliance named Simon Marcus leads a terrorist organization called Downfall in order to conquer the entire world. With the help of mad scientist Keiji Uraga, they attack the Kamen Riders with overwhelming strength and kidnap Misora Isurugi. With Kazumi Sawatari, also known as Kamen Rider Grease the only one strong enough to fight this terrorist organization, Sento creates a new item for Kazumi that encompasses the power of the Hokuto Three Crows, but at the cost of their lives. The ultimate decision must be made.


Sub Indo

English Sub
1080p : Exaidfile I I I Acefile I Google Drive
720p : Exaidfile I I I Acefile I Google Drive
480p : Exaidfile I I I Acefile I Google Drive
360p : Exaidfile I I I Acefile I Google Drive

4 komentar

  1. Sub indo belom tersedia min?
    kapan tersedia saya tunggu
  2. Wih cepet nunggu. Sub indo ah
  3. sub indonya dongg
  4. Gimana cara downloadnya sih
    Bagi tau cara nya min
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